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The Window Source Installation Process

When We Arrive on Installation Day, this is What to Expect

Although some homeowners may find the idea of installing windows intimidating, it’s actually simple and straightforward. Our business works hard to answer any questions so that our clients understand the window installation procedure. We want our customers’ experience to be as stress-free as possible.

Common Questions:

Understanding the installation procedure is crucial before committing to a window replacement job. Our team is committed to give consumers all the information they require to make wise decisions. The following are some of the most typical questions we get about the window installation procedure.

  • How long will the installation process take to complete?
  • Will my interior window trim need to be replaced or will it get damaged during installation?
  • How much is the door or window installation going to cost me?
  • Will my existing window blinds or curtains still fit with the new windows?
  • How long is the lead time to get my windows installed once I’ve placed my order?

First Up —Your Window Measurements!

The procedure of installing new windows or replacing old ones is just as crucial to success as the quality of the final product. Everything starts with accurate measurements and building the proper size window or patio door. This guarantees a good fit and enables changes to be made so that your new window or door is square and level when it is installed.

Your New Windows will be Custom Manufactured

Your new windows have been specially crafted to fit your home and design aesthetic perfectly. Each window is thoroughly inspected for a tight fit throughout the manufacturing process before leaving our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. When they leave the factory, all of our window units have an NFRC label attached so you can be assured of the effectiveness of your new windows when they arrive.

Next, We Install Your New Windows

The window openings will be clean and free of any dirt or debris when the installation technicians show up on “install day.” The placement of your new vinyl windows will then be determined, and their alignment will be checked. The windows will be square, level, and plumb when they are fastened to the frame, and after that, they will be tested to make sure they are operating properly. The window stop will then be placed back in its original location and caulked to provide an airtight seal.

That’s All There Is to It!

Our installation team will conduct a walkthrough with you to make sure you are wholly satisfied with the work that has been done. The installers won’t leave the project site until you sign off indicating that you are completely pleased with the installation and the merchandise.

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